Be Bold. Take Risks. Choose Love.

Hi, I'm Marianne. I'm an actor, artist and creator of things.

A few years back one of my 6 nieces and nephews, Jackson I think, started called me Auntie Marf instead of Auntie Mare. A real jokester, that one. The name stuck and later became the inspiration for my art biz: A.MARFS (Auntie Marfs)

I love being an auntie and I love being a goof. As an aunt, I get to share the fun, strange, wonderful and colorful world of life-living and art-making.

Be Bold, Take Risks, Choose Love .

This is how I want to live. I want my kiddos- all kiddos- to know that they can live like this.

We all can live like this.

A.MARFS offers bright and beautiful landscape paintings and cards, inspired by nature and feline behaviour.

Let's Go Shopping!

Multimedia collage

Middle Road Newbury