Farmer's Market Success!

Thank you to everyone who came out
to celebrate Mom's Day at the
Newburyport Farmer's Market 
last weekend.

If you weren't there, this is what you missed:
Photo taken by my hubs, who was also my cashier. Thanks, Hide!
This was my first time as a vendor at the Newburyport Farmer's Market. My hubs, Hide and I showed up at 7:30AM to unload two cars worth of tent, tables, signage, chairs and inventory. A lot of stuff!
Soon were surrounded by the delicious smells of fried empanadas and cheesy, peppery street corn from Rosita's Cocina  and rows and rows of delightfully scented, handmade soaps from JB  Artisans Soaps.  Across the aisle was Mac from High Road Farm  with her crunchy baby turnips and other baby plants.  It seemed like there were maybe 20 tents in all, offering sweet treats, flowers, tomato plants, doggie biscuits, whole bean coffee and more!

Come see me next time on the following dates: 

June 12 - July 17 - August 14  
September 11- October 16 - November 13 


The Newburyport Farmers Market
Tannery Marketplace
50 Water Street


I'll be back in Newburyport this weekend @
 The Newburyport Spring Fest!
I'll be selling my A.MARFS wares at the Newburyport Arts Association tent at Waterfront Park on Sunday May 15 from 1pm- 4pm. 
If you are looking for a custom landscape or some other drawing, lemme know! 

My digital art can be put on almost anything!
Throw pillows, larger or smaller wall hangings, cavas prints, note cards, magnets, tote bags...reply to this message and we can do it! 

Looking forward to a busy summer.
Thank you for your continued support.