Spring has SPRUNG!


One of my submissions to the Newburyport Arts' Association's Adventure Grant, of which I am a finalist. 

Greetings Family, Fans and Friends,

Happy Spring!

With the change of season comes a shower of A.MARFS announcements!

Earlier this month, my husband and I became homeowners. Exciting! Stressful! We bought a super cute cape house settled in a woodsy-marshy area on the north shore of Boston. Over the next ten days we get to pack up the old house, scrub down the new one and prepare ourselves for a lifetime of mortgage payments. 

Last week, I started a substitute teaching gig at the local elementary school (K-6). On my first day, I was scheduled for kindergarteners...and instead I got 6th graders. Teaching algebra no less!  LOLOLOLOLOL. Fortunately, they weren't too sassy, the girls in their black eyeliner and a few boys sporting earrings à la George Michael. #kidsthesedays

With all of that,  I haven't had time to work on landscapes of late (which are my favorite) but I've been able to rework some older designs and put together a few new ones, like the Cat Pack and Angel Pack below!



Newburyport Arts Associations Art Adventure Grant Finalist! 


I am super excited to announce that I am a finalist for the Newburyport Arts Association’s Adventure Grant. Of the three works submitted (below), Plum Island Marsh and Surf's Up will be featured with the other finalists at the Hills Gallery in Newburyport, MA from April 1 - 17.

Angel Cards and Angel Packs!   

A few months back, my mom asked me to make a card with an angel on it. As angels are not in my normal repertoire, I spent some time researching and thinking about how to depict these special creatures. I wanted to portray a being that was whimsicial and carefree, as well as steady, calm and comforting. I imagined a seven foot tall woman with fabulous wings and big, bright hair. She might be mistaken for a man in drag, and that would be ok too!

After making the one card for my mom enttitled,  Angels On Call, I designed three more and have included them in my Angel Pack (as seen earlier in this post).

Made of 100lb card stock, they are super nice to write on and just looking at them makes me smile. Pack include 4 cards for $10. Buy there here


Newburyport Farmers Market


Staring Sunday May 8 (Mother's Day), I will be selling A.MARFS cards and prints at the Newburyport Farmers Market, one Sunday a month from May to November.

If you've never been as far north as Newburyport, come on up! You'll love the market and the cute seaside town and I'll love saying hi to you!

My confirmed dates are: 
May 8, June 12, July 17, August 14, September 11, October 16 and Nov 13.

Pip & Lola’s

I am also excited to annouce that a selection of A.MARFS cards will be available for sale at my favorite Pittsburgh soap shop, Pip & Lola’s. Samantha Story-Camp, the owner and soap mama (as well as real mama, actress, writer and teacher) makes vegan and vegetarian soaps with whimsical names and flavors like, "Darling, the Goats Ate the Lavendar Again" made from goats milk and lavendar, and "Sunny Side of the Street" made with lemon and calendula.

You can shop at pipandlolas.comor if you are in Pennsylvania you can shop at her stores in Robinson, Homestead or The Strip Di

That's it for now. 

Check out my shop and let me know if there are other designs you want to see.

Also, I will be testing out new products at the Farmers' Market, so be sure to come visit to see what I've put together. 

Enjoy the good weather (if you're having it) and hugs 'til next time.